" I was very much impressed with Mr. Irwin and his professional way to handle adverse opinion and make informed decision and suggestions for mediation. I would recommend his work to anyone who needs help."

                                                                                                     J.S.  9/2/15

"Mediator was very good."                                                                   B.Z., Esq.      6/4/12

"John Irwin is very professional."                         Patrick P.  8/11/15

                 "We truly appreciate the professionalism of Mr. Irwin"                            K. P.   8/11/15

" Level headed, patient, understanding helped in situation."                  John B. -  1/9/15

M.G. - 8/12/15

This is one of my proudest accolades as I am very proud to have helped hundreds of

people resolve their disputes, move on with their lives, and all while saving the courts massive amounts of time and money they simply do not have.

Testimonials & Comments

D.D., Esq.         10/20/15         

"John Irwin did a fantastic, professional job as a mediator and made every effort to bring both parties together to reach a reasonable conclusion. I would highly recommend him as a mediator. "  

              Adverse Possession / Partition Case                       

                                                                   L. B.   9/2/15

"Very compassionate yet effective."     Linda M.      3/14/14

Employment Case                                                 D.W.          9/30/15  

"Very efficient, nice environment."     G. Law Group   10/12/15

"Wonderful to deal with and helpful."   Amber M.  -  3/14/14

Employment  Case                             D.A.  Esq.     9/3/15