In many instances, once the dispute is resolved and there is a continuing relationship, parties often make use of my Standing Neutral Service.  For example, partners in a business have plans to sell the company down the road and need to manage it to preserve or raise the value in order to get the most out of the sale.  Quite often, especially after having issues that needed mediation to resolve, they need a mechanism whenever there is a problem which they cannot resolve themselves.  At that point they call me in to help resolve the matter.  Often the parties enter into an agreement that should they be unable to come to come to a resolution with the mediator's assistance, the mediator would make the call and always make it in favor of what's best for the business and the end goal. 

   That is a typical scenario where parties utilize this service.  Other uses for the service are family matters including businesses, trusts, estates and elder care planning.  I have also used this service for employers and city governments to name a few.  In some cases it's conflict management in order to get to the ultimate goal.  The clients are very satisfied and relieved they can remove the burden of conflict from their shoulders and know there is a mechanism they can rely on in the event they come to a problem they just can't solve on their own.

If you feel this service may benefit you or someone you know, please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.  

Standing Neutral Service