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  *  Partition of Assets / Married and Non-Married Couples

  *  Partnership Dissolution / Partition of Assets

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  *  Commercial Lease Agreements / Modifications

Typical real estate related cases settled:

Real Estate Disputes

   This year alone has brought an average of two real estate cases per month. The majority were disputes between relatives or business partnerships over real property assets. Usually the value of the property is disputed creating the first and a significant barrier to resolution. In cases where I cannot get the parties to agree on a fair market value, I will bring in a neutral appraiser that neither party knows, and use that as a binding foundation towards settlement. This approach has had the effect of putting the parties at ease regarding the value determination and it creates the first agreement between them making further agreements easier, like a chain reaction. The appraisers are experienced, vetted professionals with specific knowledge of the property's location. Many times these cases are about much more than the financials, they involve personal relationships and sometimes long histories and multiple parties.

   The bottom line is you need a mediator that is compassionate, yet firm, a mediator that has the ability to handle the emotional as well as the numerical aspects of the mediation. I have that experience and have settled many contentious disputes where the parties left remarkably satisfied. Let me help you resolve your real estate dispute at a cost that is fair and reasonable.