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Family Related Mediation

   Let's face it, sometimes families just do not get along. The reasons for which can be unlimited but addressable. Sometimes a neutral third party is needed to come into the situation to get to the bottom of the conflict and address the issues to allow the family to function peacefully. Life is too short to let family disputes fester and destroy relationships. Let me help bring your family back together as I have done many times. The most common response after settling the matter is "Why didn't we do this before!"
   That is not to suggest there is some miracle tool or technique to fixing family discord, I facilitate what cannot be done without a neutral party, which is anything but easy. There are also times when a family psychologist is recommended to fix the problems, which I can also facilitate. The bottom line is it's very difficult for families to resolve differences on their own and an experienced mediator is sometimes needed. Don't let your family dispute continue any further, give me a call and lets see what I can do for your situation.
   I also have experience in mediating elder abuse cases privately for the courts. Those cases are financial and care related and not of a physical abuse nature. There may be the need to structure care and responsibility arrangements between family members, mediation is the most effective way to resolve it with minimum stress and damage to the parties. Please call for more information about family law mediation and the divorce mediation process.