Licensed: CA CSLB Contractor


Southern California Mediation Association

** Member Board of Directors - 2016 - 2019

** Pasadena Professional Development Group Host / Chair

   While always having a love of the law, and intent on pursuing a

law degree, John took his first mediation training while working on his B.S. Degree.  From the moment he walked into that first class,

it was obvious this was someone different than most students, John had found his calling.


   After receiving his B.S. Degree , during which he completed several semesters of mediation training and internships, he sought out the best mediation programs including Pepperdine's Mediating the Litigated Case, Cornell's Employment Law Mediation Training (after which he was selected for their CA panel), and many other training seminars.  He also attended the "Big 3" first year law school classes: Contracts, Torts and Legal Research and writing. Since  he had decided to pursue mediation full time and not practice law, he instead launched his commercial mediation practice full time and has grown at an amazing rate ever since.   


  Since then, John has successfully mediated hundreds of cases in many different realms.  He has spoken publicly on mediation, trained new and experience mediators through shadowing and mentoring, and has promoted mediation with a passion that is obvious when you meet him. 

  Some of the comments from clients regarding his service are his disposition, patience, unique solutions and persistence, to name a few.  His ability to work with even the most difficult parties and reach a resolution is why clients return, and speak highly of his accomplishments.  If you would also like to experience the service, give John a call and see if he could help resolve your matter, whether it's a "conflict" or a "dispute", he will certainly provide a level of service that will make you a believer.

Pro-Bono Services - Los Angeles Superior Court

Limited Jurisdiction - Beverly Hills / Santa Monica / Mosk 

Small Claims - Beverly Hills / Santa Monica / Mosk / Alhambra

Unlawful Detainer - Pasadena / Pomona

Civil Harassment - Pomona / Norwalk

   Mediation Services  Education and Training